About World Martial Arts

Seven things about us. You'll never believe #5

  1. This site is about world martial arts.

  2. World martial arts is a generic term encompassing all arts and styles both traditional and modern, including for example historical European martial arts. One way to think about this site is an informational resource that we are developing to describe these treasures of history and culture.

  3. Another way to think about it is advocacy for instruction and practice. There are many activities for which this is true. If you study and follow a martial art you will lead a better life and be a source of strength and inspiration to those around you.

  4. Our goal is to develop both themes: putting each in perspective and advocating their study. You can practice more than one!

  5. We will try to use humor.

  6. This project is never-ending. Check back often and send your questions, comments, suggestions.

  7. I support the development of this website by accepting advertisements, and by describing products and services for sale for which I may be paid a small commission for any resulting sale, for example, through affiliate marketing.

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